📢 Slight change on bike course for 2021

NEWS – Due to the recent damage and not-so-smooth road surface on the second part of our bike course (Perazica do – Buljarica) especially on the downhill part, we have decided to make a slight change on our bike course in order to preserve safety of all athletes. Bike course will consist of 3 laps (Budva – Perazica do). The elevation is a bit smaller now, 1100m in total.

As you may know, here in Montenegro we only have one road which connects mountains and the coast , without any possible alternative, so this was the only solution for this year.

Immediately after the event, reconstruction of the damaged road should begin, so next year we will host the event with firstly planned bike course consisting of 2 laps.

Sincerely, your Challenge Budva Team.