It is less than 3 months until Challenge Budva-Montenegro race. Congratulations if you are already in training, but if you are just beginning to train and have little or no experience in triathlon, these 3 tips related to the training plan are just for you.

  1. Set a realistic goal like finishing the race without getting hurt, don’t be too ambitious. Let this period of preparation be in itself a part of the goal on which you will primarily give priority to health and good feelings. Over-ambition is reflected as too much training volume and/or intensity. It is ungrateful to talk about specific figures but I can mention that the hourly rate of inexperienced beginners starts at 4 hours per week, while the peak load ranges between 12 to 16 hours per week. The intensity of training should be significantly “light” to “moderate”, with the proviso that “light” can take up more than 50% of the entire preparation period (up to 100% in the first month).
  2. Fitness trackers like heart rate, speed… are very useful, but don’t blindly believe and rely solely on them. My advice is to listen to your body before, during and after each workout. If you are feeling well, you are probably on the right track and if fatigue, pain or exhaustion recurs frequently, it may indicate mistakes that you keep repeating. There is a very simple test that can avoid any exaggeration and is based on a breath test.
  3. If you suspect that you have an incorrect technique of running and pedaling, a bad position on the bike or simply do not have a vision of how to connect all disciplines and how to prepare psycho-physically, my advice is to hire experienced experts in Adriatic Coaching. Fill out this form and we will come up with solutions.

The good news is that any persistent, patient and organized person can complete the Challenge Budva-Montenegro, even if you fall into the category of people with weight gain, diabetes and other minor health problems you are likely to feel improvement during the preparation period.

Dejan Patrcevic, founder and head coach of Adriatic Coaching

Challenge Budva-Montenegro team and our training partner Adriatic Coaching wish you a lot of success in the preparations!

Who is Dejan Patrcevic?

Dejan Patrcevic is a Croatian PRO triathlete with notable success in ITU World Triathlon Cup and Ironman series. He is a Croatian full distance record holder (8:12:18) and two times TOP30 finisher of IronMan World Championship in Kona. He is a founder and head coach of Adriatic Coaching and he is a proud training partner and ambassador of Challenge Budva-Montenegro.