Swim course

1 lap of 1.9 km

The swim course begins at a place that exudes with a rich history: the Old Town of Budva, whose first pillars date back to the 9th century. The swim start is located at the sandy Pizana Beach, in the eastern part of Old Town. During the swimming segment, athletes will -on one side- have views on the beautiful walls of the Old Town, while on the other side their views will extend towards the blue open sea. During a big part of the swim, you will swim close to the coast, which makes the swim course really accessible for spectators. The course will lead athletes to another beach that is placed between the Old Town walls and the open sea: Ricardova Glava.

Bike course

Three laps – 30 km each.

The Montenegrin coast is considered one of the most beautiful coasts on the Adriatic, and Budva, as the heart of the Montenegrin coast, is a symbol of that beauty. The cycling route will consist of three laps, during which competitors will have an impressively beautiful view of the crystal blue sea, stunning wild nature and historical monuments. The three-laps bike course starts with the flat part of the course through Budva and Bečići. After passing these two cities, the bike course will become more hilly. In this part of the course you will bike along the famous Sveti Stefan and Rijeka Rezevica, a fisherman village, were you’ll have stunning views of the environment.

Run course

Two laps – 10.5 km each.

Have you ever run by the sea? Have you ever felt the sea waves cheering for you throughout almost the entire running segment?! At Challenge Budva, you will feel that! the two-laps run course- starts in the harbour and leads the athletes to Slovenska Beach. There you will enter one of the best parts of the run course: the pedestrian tunnel which connects Budva and Bečići. On the run you’ll pass all different things from small fishing boats and palm trees to a Mediterranean promenade. These are just some of the details that adorn this course. On the run course are many hot spots, which makes the run course really spectator-friendly.