Organizer: SRD “Road Runners Montenegro”
Where: Budva, Montenegro
When: 25th September 2022
Race director: Uroš Đurašević
  • It is important that all competitors exhibit good behavior and sportsmanlike conduct, and treat fellow competitors, Event organisers, volunteers and contractors with courtesy and respect. Failure to do so may result in disqualification at any time before, during or after the Event;
  • The Event Medical or Safety Team will have ultimate discretion and the final decision as to the suitability of a competitor to continue in the Event, and likewise if they should be withdrawn from the Event;
  • No competitor may use any banned substances with the intent to improve their performance, eliminate the sense of fatigue or for any other purpose;
  • If a competitor withdraws from the Event they must advise officials of their withdrawal as soon as possible;
  • Athletes must be a minimum of 18-years-old on race day;
  • All athletes must register during the allocated times and attend the compulsory race briefing;
  • It is mandatory to carry the timing chip on the ankle during the entire race and to return it when checking out;
  • The use of headphones, phones, cameras and other objects is not allowed in any part of the race;
  • In the case of bad weather or any other reason, Challenge Budva Montenegro reserves the right to shorten  the course, change format of competiton or cancel the event without obligation to refund entry fees.
  • Neoprene cannot be used above 23ºC and will be mandatory below 16ºC. It is optional between both water temperatures. Race organizers reserve the right to restrict the usage of wetsuit depending on conditions. Final decision will be announced at the Race Briefing or in the morning of the race day;
  • In the case of an emergency or in case of fatigue/distress, Competitor should immediately stop swimming, take off their swimming cap, and wave with it overhead to facilitate assistance from lifeguards. Competitors who do so have disqualified themselves;
  • Competitors who wish to overtake another swimmer must not constrain the swimming strokes of other competitors;
  • It is allowed to swim with the bib as long as it is below the neoprene, otherwise it is prohibited;
  • It is allowed to swim with compression legs below the neoprene;
  • No fins, paddles, snorkels, flotation devices of any kind are permitted;
  • Any assistance required during swim may result in disqualification.
  • In the transition area, the bike has to be left alone without any separate element on the ground. The items that the participant needs must be left in the transition bags (glasses, helmet, etc.);
  • It is only allowed to leave the cycling shoes as long as they are placed on the pedals without touching the ground;
  • It is mandatory to leave the bike during the check-in time. Transition bags should be left at transition area in the morning of the Event until it’s closed.
  • Competing in this event without a helmet is prohibited;
  • Bikes that fail inspection will not be allowed to race;
  • It is mandatory to wear the bib on the back during whole bike section;
  • NO DRAFTING IS ALLOWED! Draft zone is area 15 meters long and  2 meters wide. Another athlete has 20 seconds to pass through that zone. Likewise, once an athlete is passed they have 20 seconds to drop back out of the draft zone;
  • Helmets must be secured by the chin strap before unracking the bike, and must remain fastened until the cyclist has dismounted the bike and returned it to its rack;
  • Competitors must keep as far to the right as is practically possible at all times, and pass others on the left and must obey all traffic laws, traffic regulations and the directions of Event officials and the Police;
  • The penalty for drafting, dangerous riding or unsportsmanlike conduct will be an 5 (five) minute stand down in the penalty box before enter transition area. A second penalty will result in disqualification.
  • Slower competitors must keep to the right with other competitors overtaking on the left;
  • No individual support vehicles or non-participant escort are allowed. Friends, family members, coaches or supporters of any type may not bike, drive or run alongside competitors, may not pass food or other items to competitors and should be warned to stay completely clear of all participants to avoid the disqualification of a participant;
  • Each participant must wear upper-body clothing;
  • It is mandatory to wear the bib in the front during the running section.
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  • SWIM   –   1h;
  • SWIM + 60km BIKE   –   3:50h;
  • FINISH   –   7h.